Warranty and support Turbanti Christine

a) Turbantichristine.com guarantee to his Clients the application of all rights that are contained in Legislative Decree 24/2002 on consumption goods sale, as well as the application of all rights provided for by national law in the field. In particular all possible conformity and manufacturing faults noticed on the product in sale moment are covered by guarantee.

b) Conformity of product under guarantee, upon verification of fault, will be restore by Turbanti Christine without any burden for the client for labour and material, also in case of substitution with a brand-new product.

c) Rights contained in points a) and b) does not apply in the following cases:
- faults caused by uses not expected by user's manual or operating indications and maintenance;
- faults caused by accidental breakage, negligence, tampering, use of maintenance accessories or products not approved by head office, labour interventions carried out by not authorized third party;
- slight conformity faults of aesthetic kind;
- conformity faults caused by transport damages (see points 5.7, 5.8 and 5.9 of these General Conditions of Sale).

d) Faults caused during transportation have not to be considered as conformity faults: in case that at delivery time packaging results damaged, tampered, ruined (broken, wet, etc. ), open, pierced we suggest you to indicate to the carrier that you ACCEPT GOODS WITH RESERVE. In this case damages possibly caused by transportation will be intended at the exclusive courier's expense and Turbanti Christine can get even with him. We suggest you to check that the number of parcels indicated in the shipping note really correspond to the number of parcels delivered by the carrier; if you find some discrepancy we recommend you to ACCEPT THE GOODS WITH RESERVE. Non acceptance with reserve to the carrier imply full acceptance of the Client and exclude any possible return due to damages caused "by transport".

e) No contraindications are known to the use of wigs, toupees or turbans: the materials utilized for their realisation are hypoallergenic guaranteed, however any rare allergic reaction to them cannot be excluded. Turbanti Christine disclaims all responsibility and will not accept returns of goods caused to possible damages owing to allergic reactions of any kind (rash, eczema, itch, dermatitis, etc.) owing to the use of products by the side of intolerant subjects. We always suggest to consult your own doctor or dermatologist before use.

f) Turbanti Christine disclaims all responsibility for any possible damages that could derive directly or indirectly to individuals, things or domestic animals from non-observance of all prescriptions indicated on user's manual, especially concerning instructions about use and maintenance of the item.

g) Customer can exercise his rights addressing to the Customer Service of Turbanti Christine sending an email to the address info@turbantichristine.com with indication of personal data, order number, details of the product, invoice number and a short description of noticed fault. It is necessary to provide appropriate photographic documentation attesting the fault.

h) At reception of the email Turbanti Christine will open a dossier developed by the technical department and within 10 working days will answer providing an evaluation of possible fault and in case will agree on the return of the item with the Customer.

For further information and to receive support do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service at telephone number 0039 (0)422 549649.