I. Acceptance of these Terms of Use
II. Modification of these Terms of Use
III. Policy of Privacy Protection
IV. Responsibility
V. User registration
VI. Contents inserted by the User
VII. Limitation of responsibility
VIII. Contents and software of third party
IX. Copyright and trademarks
X. Property rights on the website
XI. Indemnity and exclusion of responsibility
XII. Closure of the website
XIII. Resolution of the cases of objection
XIV. Clauses defined as invalid
XV. Renunciation

This website (below called "website") is made available from Turbantichristine.com - MeM Group Srls, legal head offices in this address Via Reginato, 85/H Treviso 31100 (TV) ITALY (below called "Turbanti Christine"), fiscal data registration at Registry of Businesses and VAT number 05079580261. These Terms of Use regulate access and use of the website. Particular terms of use will be applied to specific contents, data, materials or information contained or brought to this website (below called "contents"), or to specific contents, data, materials or information that user inserts, presents and/or publishes on the website (below called "user contents") or to transactions concluded by means of the website. Above-mentioned particular terms of use will be added to these Terms of Use, and when explicitly indicated will prevail on them.

I. Acceptance of these Terms of Use
Acceding to or using the website www.turbantichristine.com, the user accepts to be bound to the Terms of Use, from all terms and conditions therein contained or mentioned, or from additional terms or conditions expected from this website. In case of non acceptance of all conditions above-mentioned, user will not be allowed to use and accede to the website.

II. Modification of these Terms of Use
Turbanti Christine will reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use in any moment and in this case modifications will be applicable from publication moment. If the user continues to use or accede to the Website after the publication, it is supposed that he has accepted these modifications. We suggest to the user to verify regularly applicable conditions. In every moment with immediate effect and without notice, at his complete discretion and for whatever reason, Turbanti Christine will reserve the right to arrange for modifications or updates to be eliminated or brought to the website and his contents, to limit refuse or interrupt in whole or in part the access to the website or to part of it by the side of any user.

III. Policy of Privacy Protection
The use of personal data supplied or gathered through this website will happen exclusively respecting Privacy Protection. These Terms of Use are subject to Informative Note about privacy protection that is published on this website.

IV. Responsibility
All information (included, as an illustrative but not complete example, text, images, graphic elements, connections and other materials) inserted in this website are supplied "as they are" and "as available". Turbanti Christine excludes explicitly any declaration or guarantee of any kind, explicit or implicit, included guarantees of marketable, suitability to a particular purpose, non-violation or similar, with relation to the operation of this website and his contents. Turbanti Christine will not take any responsibility regarding that: (i) the website corresponds to user's needs; (ii) the website works in continuous, opportune, safe and without fail way; (iii) results inserted and obtained through the use of the website (included information and materials) are correct, complete, accurate and that correspond in other way to user's needs.
This is a public website therefore user cannot expect discretion on treatment of contents he inserts or sends to the website. User mustn't send for no reason reserved information. Turbanti Christine will not take it upon himself regarding possible interruptions or omissions on Internet services, web or hosting and do not guarantee that website and services which determines the availability or the dispatch of electronic communications by the side of Turbanti Christine are exempt from virus or other damaging elements. Download or other operations made through this website, of any kind, happen at discretion and at risk of the user. User takes it exclusively upon himself regarding possible damages to his computer system or loss of data due to contents downloaded.

V. User registration
It is possible that, in order to permit the access to specific areas of the website and the use of specific functions or elements of the website, it is required to the user to register free as contributor. In the act of registration, user will choose a username and a password, and will give an email address valid, in use and verifiable. It is not allowed the presence of identical usernames and email addresses: if username or email address inserted from the user are already used, the user will be invited to choose other ones. A confirmation email with the registration data will be sent to the user: in case of non-reception of this email, for whatever reason, the access or the use of areas, functions or elements for which it is necessary above-mentioned registration can be denied or interrupted. User is bound to update promptly the registration on condition that it is accurate and actual. User takes exclusive responsibility for guaranteeing the discretion of his own password. Turbanti Christine will reserve the right to modify username chosen from the user, to eliminate from the website the contents he sent or to refuse or cancel his registration in case he choose a username that is obscene, indecent, vulgar or improper at the incontestable discretion of Turbanti Christine. User takes also exclusive responsibility for restricting the access to his own computer. User takes exclusive responsibility for any operation regarding his account, username and/or password ascribable to his conduct, to non-intervention and to negligence. In case he gains knowledge of suspect or not authorized behaviours concerning his accounts, his username and/or his password, user accept to contact and inform immediately Turbanti Christine by sending an email at the email address info@turbantichristine.com. Turbanti Christine will reserve the right to preclude, at his discretion, registration of the user to specific email services or to provider of Internet services.

VI. Contents inserted by the User
If user sends contents to the website, he guarantees that materials are suitable, constructive, relevant and void of elements that are potentially illegal or anyway unsuitable to publication, included for example:
a) elements potentially libellous or offensive toward other people or entities;
b) elements potentially damaging toward people or properties or having libellous or oppression character toward people or organizations;
c) elements potentially able to infringe the rights (included those concerning privacy and publicity) of any person;
d) elements having pornographic, obscene, offensive, vulgar, indecent or intimidating character;
e) elements having debatable culturally, ethnic or otherwise character;
f) elements that can suggest or foster any illegal activity.
User will try his best, as far as reasonable, in order to notice the presence and to remove possible virus or other damaging elements in the materials to send. User will also have to abstain from transmitting chain letters, pyramid charts, polls and solicitations by means of the website. User will not falsify headers and will not manipulate identification elements or other data in order to hide or mask the origin of possible contents transmitted by means of the website, nor will conceal his presence on the website. User will also abstain from interfering or tampering with websites, servers or nets of Turbanti Christine, or undertaking initiatives that can impose an unreasonable or disproportionate charge to Turbanti Christine. User affirms, declares and guarantees that contents sent to the website do not infringe any property rights, of third party included, as for example rights concerning copyright, registered trademarks, patents or confidentiality obligations.
User acknowledges and accepts that his ideas, contributions, discussions or possible other contents sent to the website are not subject to any tie of safeguard of intellectual property rights, and that could be used from any other user without any remuneration or recognition. User concedes to Turbanti Christine a comprehensive, irrevocable, exempt from royalty, not-exclusive, sub-releasable and transferable licence to use, reproduce, create derived works, distribute, use publicly, exhibit publicly, transmit and publish the contents he provides to this website or to Turbanti Christine's marketing materials or public reports by means of any instrument.
User takes exclusive responsibility for contents and possible consequences due to their dispatch, transmission and/or publication.
Turbanti Christine reserves the right, without taking on any obligation about, to examine and to control the contents before and/or after their transmission. Nevertheless user recognises the impossibility for Turbanti Christine to verify and control all contents. Turbanti Christine will not take responsibility in any case for accuracy, completeness, quality or validity of the contents sent from third party to the website.
Turbanti Christine do not corroborate any content or opinion or recommendation or advice inserted from the user and do not take responsibility of any kind for above-mentioned contents.
Turbanti Christine reserves exclusive right and power to modify and/or eliminate for any reason in any time without any notice or need of authorization, and at his exclusive discretion, messages or any other content debatable, unseemly or otherwise adverse to these Conditions of Use.
Users convinced of debatable and unseemly character of contents are invited to contact immediately Turbanti Christine by email to the address info@turbantichristine.com. At reception of this communication Turbanti Christine will provide for taking necessary measures: considering the non-automatic nature of this process, user is informed that immediate elimination or modification of indicted contents could not be possible.

VII. Limitation of responsibility
Turbanti Christine do not take any responsibility in any case of damages direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, special, incidental or other kind resulting from, caused by or correlated to the access or the use of this website and relative contents or to the impossibility to accede to them, also in case that Turbanti Christine is informed concerning the possibility of those damages, excluded only cases of deceit and/or grave fault.
If user lives in a Country where it is not licit to provide for previous limitations of responsibility or exclusions whereof paragraphs f) and h), above-mentioned limitations and exclusions will be applicable only in as much as they are permitted. In this case, these limitations and exclusions will be as much extensive as it is allowed by applicable law.

VIII. Contents and software of third party
Turbanti Christine will not take any responsibility for contents of any website that belong to third party in case connected to the website by means of an hyper-textual connection, independently from the fact that above-mentioned connection is provided by the website or by a third part in accordance with the Terms of Use. Possible presence of connections to other websites on Turbanti Christine's website do not entail the approval of the same, neither a judgement or a guarantee concerning precision, timeliness or suitability of website content to whom Turbanti Christine's website could refer by means of a link. Turbanti Christine will not take any responsibility about that.
Any software that can be downloaded from or through this website is granted under licence according to the conditions of applicable licence contracts. Excluded what indicated in applicable licence contract, the use of software is allowed only to final users and possible operations of duplication, reproduction or redistribution are explicitly forbidden. Possible guarantees concerning software will be valid only as far as explicitly indicated within the licence contract. Turbanti Christine denies any further declaration of guarantee, explicit or implicit, included marketable guarantees, suitability guarantees to a particular purpose or software non-violation guarantees.

IX. Copyright and trademarks
Copyright and all other property rights concerning the contents inserted from Turbanti Christine starting from software used for management and publication of the website, for compilation of data on the website, for order management and implementation, for sequence and planning of the website, belong to Turbanti Christine - MeM Group Srls in their totality. All rights on contents, not explicitly agreed in accordance with these Terms of Use, are reserved. User is in duty bound to attain to adequate use of the trademark Turbanti Christine and to his guidelines when it refers to products, contents or business services. The use and the registration of name TURBANTI CHRISTINE and of his logo are reserved. User is not authorized to register or use company names, business names, commercial names, domains or other names, indications, descriptions that include the name TURBANTI CHRISTINE or the logo, similar names or similar logos, or any nominative or logo that consist in part in the name or in the logo used from TURBANTI CHRISTINE.

X.Property rights on the website
This website is public and any information sent or contained have to be considered not reserved. User recognises that the presentation of any invention included in the contents he sent is equivalent to the "publication" of the same, in accordance with the law applicable on patents. User recognises also that contents presented and/or discussed on the website could be object of patents, copyright, trademarks and other Turbanti Christine's rights of intellectual property. In case that the user intends to exploit any idea, proposal, advice or solution or other contents publicised on the website, user will be bound to obtain before all authorizations provided for by applicable rights of intellectual property, before he undertakes their exploitation.

XI. Indemnity and exclusion of responsibility
User accepts to keep unscathed Turbanti Christine and his officials, directors, employees, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors and to raise them from any responsibility for damages, burdens, costs and expenses (included reasonable legal and professional fees and legal expenses) deriving from publication or transmission of any content, message, information, material or other publicised on the website or from any violation of these Terms of Use by the side of the user. In the event of complaints or legal actions deriving from messages or contents sent by the user, Turbanti Christine reserves the right to reveal user's identity and any other information about him in his possession. In case of controversy with other users, the user raises Turbanti Christine as well as respective officials, directors, employees, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors from any responsibility for complaints, claims and damages effective and consequential of any nature and kind, known and unknown, resulting from or anyway connected to these controversy.

XII. Closure of the website
Turbanti Christine si riserva il diritto esclusivo di chiudere in tutto o in parte il sito web, in qualsiasi momento, per qualsiasi motivo e senza alcun preavviso o necessità di autorizzazione. Turbanti Christine non si assume nessuna responsabilità in merito alla memorizzazione o all'eliminazione di qualsiasi contenuto pubblicato sul sito web.

XIII. Resolution of the cases of objection
These Terms of Use will be disciplined and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws. User accepts non-exclusive jurisdiction of Italian courts in the event of objections, claims or legal proceedings deriving from or ascribed to these Terms of Use or to the use of this website by the side of, included, possible objections regarding the existence or the validity of these Terms of Use.

XIV. Clauses defined as invalid
On the chance that one of the point contained in these Terms of Use is declared not valid or not applicable, it will be substituted with a valid and applicable disposition that can be similar to the original one whereas the other will be properly applied.

XV. Renunciation
Lack of exercise by the side of Turbanti Christine, in connection with past or future actions by the side of other persons, of any right contained in these Terms of Use, will not entail any renunciation to any right of Turbanti Christine therein expected. Neither the reception of payments by the side of Turbanti Christine, nor relying on Turbanti Christine's actions by the side of any person, will entail the renunciation to any of the clauses of these Terms of Use. Only a specific written renunciation, signed from a representative authorized from Turbanti Christine, will have juridical effects.