Shopping guide

Going shopping with Turbanti Christine is easy, discover how to do!
You can buy on our website without being registered. You can register on the occasion of an order or fill-in the registration form available on our website. Registration is free and allows you to:
make orders quickly without insert your personal data every time
accede to the archive of all your orders by entering in your reserved area
create your personal wishlist
follow the status of orders and shipments
receive our offers and promotions (never more than one at month)

How to search a product
Inside our website you can find the product you are searching by:
using the function "Search" represented by the icon situated high on the right in every page of the website, entering model's name or main feature for example turban bamboo;
using the Menu "Do Further Research" that you find on the page of each category and that allows you to define which characteristics the product you are looking for must have: you just have to choose them between the ones proposed by the curtain menu 

Product availability
A product can be indicated as:
AVAILABLE: product is physically available in Turbanti Christine's warehouses
AVAILABLE IN 3/5 DAYS: product is not available at the moment in our warehouses but it will be available again in 3/5 working days
AVAILABLE ON ORDER: Turbanti Christine needs Client's request to proceed supplying requested item because it is normally not available in our warehouses and it is always arranged especially for the Client. In this case Client can request, no obligation, to be informed about delivery times.

Products availability refers to the one present at the time that you consult product cards. Every product which is present on the website has its own technical file with all details you need to know before you put an item on your shopping bag. Once you have found the object of desire proceed with purchase following the instructions below described.

How to add a product to the shopping bag and to proceed with the order
Choose the product that you desire and add it to the shopping bag.
When you would like to proceed with purchase you just have to accede to your shopping bag (cart), containing a summary of selected products with price and costs/times for shipment detail.
You can choose the method of payment and the method of shipment that you prefer. System will update automatically total amount of the order, including legal taxes net of possible discounts or promotions applied.
To proceed with purchase of selected item, please fill in online form and then:
log in or proceed without registering or if you are a new Client open an account registering on the website
specify your personal data to proceed with the order (these data will be also used for the header of the invoice, if required with the specific option) and then choose if you want to indicate a different address for the shipment

After that system will show you a summary page and will be requested to confirm the Order.
Please mind that the purchase presupposes that you have viewed and accepted General Sale Conditions, Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy publicized on the website.

If you decide to make payment using PayPal or credit card, once you have confirmed the order, you will be redirected to PayPal portal through a safe connection to proceed with order's payment (through your PayPal account or your credit card), following the procedure described by manager circuit. Once you have make the payment, order will be sent to Turbanti Christine that will prompt acknowledge by sending you an order confirmation email. Please remember that possible lack of availability of amount due, in the credit card indicated for the payment, will impede the order forwarding to Turbanti Christine and, therefore, the completion of purchase procedure. If at purchase time you chose instead, as method of payment, advance bank transfer or payment on delivery, the order will be sent directly to Turbanti Christine at purchase's confirmation time as request during phase summary. Also in this case Turbanti Christine will prompt acknowledge by sending you an order confirmation email. With order reception by the side of Turbanti Christine, purchase is perfected.

And if I notice I made a mistake with personal data entry?
Don't worry! You can make any adjustment to shipment or invoice data also after the transmission of the order, on condition that you communicate us any modification before Order's execution and however, in case of modifications on invoice header, before invoice is issued. Beyond it will be not possible to make any change no more. Please communicate us all modifications by sending us an email to the address, indicating clearly all Order data, as well as new data.

Follow your order
This section is reserved to Users that created an Account on our website before making the first purchase. In this area you can view all your orders, continually monitor their status, change your invoice data and shipment data for future orders, ask for support.

The Wishlist
The wishlist is a very useful instrument easy to use that we decided to supply to our Clients to help them go shopping with Turbanti Christine: in the Wishlist you can put all the products that capture your attention, in other words all the products of your Wishes! This list is not a shopping bag (cart), so the products that you decide to put on will not be object of an order until You decide! In every moment you can add other items of the website, consult them or delete them, they will remain stored until you want it! You can compare them and take your time to decide which is the one that you prefer! In this area of the website you could create Your personal Wishlist simply registering and acceding with your email and password. You can add to the list all that you like by clicking on the button "Add to the wishlist" that you find in the page of every product. The insertion of a product in the Wishlist don't give the right to reserve it awaiting for a possible order confirmation.

Leave us a Feedback
In the Feedback section in the homepage you can find all the comments left by Users that already bought on our website. Turbanti Christine's objective is to interact continually with our Users! Your opinion is very important for us because helps us to understand how we can do to improve and continue to offer always the best service. At the same time everyone can evaluate the quality of our products and services as they are judged by the users.
Discover how to leave a comment in the F.A.Q. section of the website