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Turban Woman Christine Lotus 1008-0793 Bamboo

  • Collection Turbanti Christine


Headwear very simple and comfortable without ribbons.

The Lotus 1008-0795 women's turban with the lotus flower placed on the side is a decorative and versatile turban. The flower is securely attached to the turban and the decorative pleats on the design match any outfit, from sporty to feminine. You can experiment with different styles by moving the flower to the side, in front of the ear, or placing it on the forehead to add volume. This headpiece is made from the luxurious Caretech® bamboo viscose material, which is incredibly soft and almost silky to the touch. In addition to being a comfortable and elastic fabric, bamboo is known for its breathable and temperature-regulating properties which make it perfect for use as headwear.

Material: Bamboo viscose 95%, elastane 5%

CE certified | Deductible for medical use | Oeko-Tex certified


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