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Women's chemo bandana in bamboo Turban Beatrice 1419-0910

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Beatrice Bandana Turban 1419-0910 beautiful colors a splendid and fresh headdress.

The Beatrice turban is suitable for everyone, loose headband and ribbons which, depending on your preferences, can be tied, the ribbons can hang loosely along the neck or be used to create a bun or bow. Headwear Made with the extremely delicate Caretech® bamboo viscose material, incredibly soft, almost silky to the touch. In addition to being a comfortable and elastic material, bamboo is known for being breathable, temperature regulating and absorbs more moisture than cotton. By rotating the band you can get a nice combination of the two sides, but you can also choose to show just one side for a simpler expression.

Material: 95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex

CE certified | Deductible for medical use | Oeko-Tex


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