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Turban Woman Viva Luna 1528-0854

  • Collection Turbanti Christine


Viva Headwear  | Turbans Bandanas Foulard Caps Headwear Woman | Italian online shop

The Luna model is a popular turban from Viva Headwear. The turban can be styled sporty with a baggy style, as the model has a ‘baggy’ effect with its loose fabric at the back. If you want a tighter fit, you can create it by arranging the many pleated layers at the front and pulling the fabric a little and bringing it carefully forward to the forehead or to the side. Luna is made of polyester with a bamboo lining on the inside of the turban. It provides maximum comfort when you wear the turban. As the Luna turban has a loose fit and extra fabric around the turban base, it is a nice and airy turban to wear. The Spring Beach Mix takes us to the beach on an early spring day with its pastel white, red and pink tones. The soft tones give the Luna turban an elegant and fashionable image, making it suitable to wear with both casual denim and thin floating summer dresses.

Material: 100% Polyester


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