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Turban Woman Viva Lea 1536-0852

  • Collection Turbanti Christine


Viva Headwear  | Turbans Bandanas Foulard Caps Headwear Woman | Italian online shop

The Lea turban is a smart model, easy to put on and requires no styling. The Lea turban is part of our Grab & Go-program, which is a selection of simple yet beautiful and fashionable turbans. Although it is a simple turban base, you can easily use your fingertips and move the voluminous fabric around to create different expressions. Pull the fabric down on one side and up on the other side for a smart French expression. Or pull the fabric at the back of the head so you get a tight-fitting look at the front and a looser look at the back. The outer fabric of the turban is polyester with a bamboo-viscose lining, so you get a turban in comfortable and soft materials inside out to protect your sensitive skin. This Lea turban is in the most beautiful leopard print. The base is white and the fine leopard dots, which are placed in a fine pattern, are in a nice mix og purple and black.

Material: 100% Polyester


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