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Turban Woman Boho Spirit Scarlett 3032-0865

  • Collection Turbanti Christine


Boho Spirit | Turbans Bandanas Foulard Caps Headwear Woman | Italian online shop

The Scarlett model 3032-0865 is an elegant and versatile turban. The basic model is made with extra fabric at the back so the turban can be styled to a loose effect or a snug fit if you tuck the fabric under the headband at the back. The band is attached to the back of the turban with a snap system and consists of several bands in different materials and color combinations. The headband has an elastic piece at the back, so it's easy to slip over the base of the turban. The Scarlett Turban is made of polyester, which is silky to the look and feel. Inside the turban is lined with a comfortable bamboo viscose material, so it is soft and comfortable to wear against the skin. The turban is a soft, lustrous beige base with a mix of pink headband. The soft pink colour, on the wide satin band, is simply dazzling and very summery with poppy looking black flowers contrasting with the romantic pink tones. With laces in light and shiny fabrics, mixed with rose print and piping in the base material, you will get a subtle and joyful summer headwear look.

Material: 94% Polyester 6% Spandex / Inner Lining: Bamboo


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