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Ladies Sun Cap Christine Briana 1516-0767

  • Collection Turbanti Christine


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Brianna Sun Cap 1529-0816 is, with its wide brim and long ribbons, such a stylish summer cap choice. The cap is constructed with a turban fitting so it’s easy to put on and wear. The long ribbons are decoration pieces only and not required to use when putting on the sun cap. However, they do apply extra glam to the cap look and much needed shade to the sun-sensitive neck area. For a full turban look the Briana ribbons can easily be tied with a small knot at the top of the base behind the soft brim. This adds a sporty twist to the sun wear look and a bit of extra air to the neck area. Our Briana Sun Cap is made of Supima cotton. Caretech® Supima cotton is one of the finest qualities in the world and is both more durable and much softer than normal cotton quality. If you choose headwear made og Supima cotton, you get a long-lasting quality product, where the surface remains smooth and nice, and which has beautiful colour fastness and top-class comfort. This colour is called Lavender and is a beautiful colourful purple shade. The solid purple tone suits a wide range of contrasting colours and you can easily combine it with a patterned dress or top.

Material: 95% Supima cotton, 5% Spandex

CE certified | Deductible for medical use | Oeko-Tex


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